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Amaco Gloss Glazes in the LG Series are lead free. Fired to c/05, they give a high gloss surface. Several are available in gallons, call us if you need gallons in colors other than clear or white.


Amaco Low-Fire Gloss Glazes -LG Series (Lead Free)

Item # Color Pint Liquid
LG-1 True Black $15.95
LG-2* Black Lustre $15.95
LG-10 Clear Transparent $12.35
LG-10 Gallon Clear Transparent, gallon $54.00
LG-11 Opaque White $13.95
 LG-11 Gallon  Opaque White $69.00
LG-14 Gray $15.45
LG-20 Medium Blue $15.45
LG-21 Dark Blue $17.95
LG-23 Robin’s Egg $15.45
LG-24 Light Blue $15.45
LG-25* Turquoise Green $15.45
LG-26* Turquoise $15.45
LG-27* Turquoise Crackle $15.45
LG-30 Chocolate Brown $15.95
LG-32* Metallic Brown $15.95
LG-34 Red Brown $17.95
LG-36 Freckled Brown $17.95
LG-40 Dark Green $15.45
LG-42 Light Green $15.45
LG-44* Olive Green $15.45
LG-45* Emerald Green $15.45
LG-46* Leaf Green $15.45
LG-48 Chrome Green $15.45
LG-50 Maroon $20.95
LG-51 Lilac $17.95
LG-52 Petal Pink $15.45
LG-54 Mulberry Red $17.95
LG-55 Purple $20.95
LG-57 Intense Red (New) $20.95
LG-58 Brilliant Red (New) $20.95
LG-59 Hot Red (New) $20.95
LG-60 Dark Yellow $15.45
LG-61 Canary Yellow $15.45
LG-62 Light Yellow $15.45
LG-63 Brilliant Yellow (New) $15.45
LG-65 Amber $17.95
LG-67 Fire Orange (New) $20.95
LG-68 Vivid Orange (New) $20.95
LG-760 Pale Yellow $15.45

2132 Hawkins Street Charlotte, NC 28203

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