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Available now! Amaco Teacher's Choice Glazes!

We now stock  the new AMACO "Teacher's Choice" glazes. The advantage is that you can mix them together to create more colors, having to stock less colors in your classroom. They are reasonably priced for the classroom and of course are lead free.  Half pints, $6.95, Pints $11.95, Gallons $55.

New Tools!
We have some new rubber texture mats which are great for handbuilding. These come in a variety of textures (wood, stone, basketweave, fish scale, etc) and two different sizes. Prices range from $10 - $18 each. Can be used over and over without wearing out.

Also, we have a variety of stamps for texture and design in clay. Come to the store to see the full selection.

Short Classes
We will be having some short classes in the following subjects . If you get a group of 6-10 friends together we can schedule these classes at your convenience.

How to Load and Fire a kiln
Design Techniques
Handbuilding Techniques
Tile Making/Surface Design
Glaze Application Methods

For information please call 704/376-7221.  Cost can vary but is around $25 per class
We are located in the Southend area of Charlotte, near South Blvd. and Tremont.
Address: 2132 Hawkins Street, Charlotte NC 28203

Making soup bowls
Making soup bowls

A great student project is to make soup (or cereal) bowls. Have your students make one for themselves and one to donate to charity. These do not have to be wheel-thrown, but can easily be handbuilt with the slab technique by draping over a rubber ball, styrofoam ball or even a grapefruit.  Use a smalll piece of thin cloth (like a 12" square cut from an old sheet) to put between the ball and the clay to prevent sticking. Slabs can be textured with stamps or textured cloth, or even dimensional wallpaper. Add a coil for a foot ring or get creative with "feet". Be sure to remove the clay bowls from the balls when they are firm enough to set up but not completely dry or they may crack due to the shrinkage of the clay. Use underglazes for decorative purposes and then glaze with a clear glaze, or use any food safe glazes you may have.
     Carolina Clay Connection donates several hundred bowls to a "Soup on Sunday" fundraiser for Hopice at Charlotte, all donations from teachers/students are welcome. This event is held at the end of January every year. For details, call 704/376-7221.  Held at the Central Piedmont Community College Campus new food service building at the corner of Kings and 7th. Many restaurants make their signature soups, there are specialty breads and pastries, so it is a great project. 100% of proceeds benefit our local Hospice chapter.
     There is another opportunity to donate bowls to the Second Harvest Food Bank which has a soup luncheon fundraiser in February 2011.
     Schools could even put on their own fundraiser with this type of event, selling bowls for $10 or $15 each, thereby increasing their art budget for the year. One school had an art auction and raised $9,000!

Classes in a variety of subjects are now available for teachers.
See our complete listing under classes (for regular pottery classes), but in addition we have:

Tile Making: Get a small group together (6 - 12 people) and we can arrange a tile making class at your convenience.

Glass Fusing: Get a small group (6-12 people) for a fun evening of making fused glass jewelry. Supplies provided.


2132 Hawkins Street Charlotte, NC 28203

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