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North Star Extruders

Standard Stainless Steel Extruder
w/ 4inch barrel and basic die set (3)
order #910
OUR PRICE - $379
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Standard Stainless
Steel Extruder Package
w/ 4 inch barrel and z-brace, die mask, blank die, eight sizes of round coil dies, four ribbons, solid square, solid hex and two sizes each of hollow round, square and hex dies.
order #950
OUR PRICE - $420
Super Size It!
Big Blue Extruder
w/ 6 inch barrel and large basic die set (3) round, square & hex hollow
Loads at your workbench, holds full pug of clay. Uses rack-and-pinion gearing so that only about 25 pounds of force is needed.
order #970
OUR PRICE - $975

2132 Hawkins Street Charlotte, NC 28203

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