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Rainbow Raku Glazes are suitable for all your raku needs. Like any raku process, there can be much variation, due to the firing and reduction variables involved. Generally raku fired items are not considered food safe due to the cracks in the glaze allowing bacteria to get in.

Rainbow Raku Glazes

Item # Color Pint Liquid
R-101 White Crackle
Fire to c/05 for gold/silver effects, glaze will crackle at c/012-010. Use immediately, do not store. Coontains silver nitrate and is sensitive to light. 
R-102 Haugenís Gold
Gold at c/07-05 in reduction, green to blue in oxidation.
R-103 Copper Red Luster
Best at c/05, but matures at c/012-010.
R-104 Rainbow Luster
Deep crimson, purple effect at c/07-05 in reduction.
R-105 Golden Jade
Green/gold crackle at c/05.
R-106 Raku Red
Best at c/06-05, do not reduce.

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